Black Lives Matter

Image via TeenVogue

I realize this post is not knitting content, but I can’t not speak out about what’s going on in my country right now. I am outraged by the murder of George Floyd by a White police officer, and angry that murdering of Black people by police continues to happen in my country.

Being 7.5 months pregnant and having an increased risk for complications with COVID-19, I am unable to safely join the protest. But I support the protestors, and I’ve chosen instead to donate to the Minnesota Freedom Fund. (They have currently paused accepting donations.) Here is a list of ways you can help.

One thing that’s incredibly important to me as a white person is listening to people in marginalized groups, hearing their stories, and believing them when they speak out.

This quote from Knitsonic’s statement on racism sums up how I feel:

If we centre, and really hear, the voices of BIPoC, it becomes clear that white people have, without exception, developed a range of unconscious biases and prejudices. If these are left unchecked and unexamined, we unintentionally uphold racial inequity. It doesn’t matter if we don’t mean to be racist; if we’re not actively working against racism in daily life, we are inadvertently perpetuating it.

BIPOC stands for Black and Indigenous People of Color. You can read more about the acronym here.

One way to help is to support BIPOC fiber artists by buying their patterns and yarns. Jeanette Sloane compiled a list of BIPOC dyers, designers, and crafters. Thank you for doing that work, Jeanette!

Support Black makers by purchasing from one of these Black owned Etsy shops.

Black Lives Matter.