Finished Object – Sockhead Slouch Hat

This post is long overdue since I finished the hat weeks ago. The hat is kid-sized, knit from my own hand dyed yarn, and knit following the Sockhead Slouch Hat pattern by Kelly McClure to the letter.

Warning: some of these photos may be repeats from previous posts.

I decided to knit the hat when I dyed up this gorgeous blue and golden orange yarn on a merino singles base. When I showed the skein to my son, he didn’t want to give it back to me. I told him I’d make something out of it.

Instead of using the singles yarn, I decided to dye the color again on a 75/25 sock yarn for more durability.

Singles on the left, sock yarn on the right!

I thought I did an awesome job replicating the color despite sparse notes. This yarn remains my favorite color that I’ve dyed so far, and I have enough of the skein left I think I can get some shortie socks out of it! I cast on the hat.

My gauge was loose (per usual) so I used smaller needles. It was an easy knit despite the thin yarn, although there was an incident where every stitch fell off my needles and I had to rip out a few rows. I didn’t have 8″ circulars in the correct size, so I used magic loop on my 40″ addi turbos.

When I finished, I was in love with the way the colors striped on the body of the hat.

My son liked it, too. Although he had a bit of trouble with the slouchy aspect (he wanted to pull it down over his entire head), he got the hang of it and I even got him to model it for me.

Freaking adorable.

As a hobby dyer, I have a huge pile of beautiful sock yarn I have no idea what to do with, so I’m sure I’ll be making more of these hats in the future. Maybe my husband wants one?

No new skills learned in this project, but it was still a fun relaxing knit.