Unraveled No. 1

I want to make this a regular post, perhaps monthly, possibly the second Wednesday of the month, where I talk about my making progress and what’s happening in my life. Hopefully I can join Kat & co for Unraveled Wednesdays at least once a month.

The Sockhead Hat is finished! My kid loves it, but of course it’s May now and too warm for a wool hat. It’s a tad on the large size so should fit perfect next winter.

I tried to embed this from my Instagram, but the embed tool wasn’t working.

I love the slouch! It’s so cute on him.

The Calypso Blanket is very close to finished. I have about 1.3 pattern repeats left to go! I’m also hoping to have a bit of this lovely cotton yarn left to make a tiny baby hat.

I actually bought some new yarn! I haven’t bought new yarn in months for budget reasons. My friend had a coupon for a $5 Knit Crate. I thought, I can afford $5 for yarn. I actually thought I was getting the undyed yarn, but I ordered early enough to get some of the URU.Yarn sugared sport yarn. It’s this lovely pale sparkly color called “Diamond.”

(It came with the soak detergent sample!)

I’m keeping the subscription for one more month to get the discounted undyed yarn, then canceling for budget reasons. (I know a lot of us are feeling some financial strain right now.) You can get a box for $5 too! It also comes with a knit and crochet pattern. The crochet pattern makes me want to hurry up and learn crochet already.

I also purchased some discounted Brooklyn Tweed Quarry in Lapis as part of Brooklyn Tweed’s Apart Together initiative. I’ve been wanting some of this yarn for a long time, and you can see why.

All the colors are gorgeous, but I couldn’t resist this blue! Photo via Wool & Honey.

Quarry is 100% Targhee-Columbia wool and is grown, spun, and dyed in the US. I purchased mine from Wool & Honey, an LYS here in Michigan.

I dyed up some yarn on Saturday; including the (hopefully) last skein for my Find Your Fade shawl, but I’ll have to see how it looks with the others. I also dyed the accent color for the 6-month baby sweater I plan on knitting.

(Psst, have I mentioned this baby blanket and sweater are for my own, soon to be birthed child? I’m due July 18!)

A couple weeks ago we went to a local nature preserve for a hike. We saw a few others, but managed to stay the required six feet away. It was wonderful to just be somewhere other than our house. The sky was gray, but so many wildflowers were blooming. My kid and I brought our cameras and had fun taking pictures of various things.

I’ve been watching new shows that make me think and rereading old favorites. Sometimes I like to sit outside and watch the robins and squirrels. We go for walks around the neighborhood, too, but I’m getting slow and my walk is turning more into a waddle. I’m knitting, slowly. I’m reminding myself that we’ll get through this.