Knitting Podcasts to Bring You Company During Quarantine

I might be obsessed with knitting podcasts. If you’re not familiar with knitting podcasts, I should note that unlike most podcasts, they’re usually on video and available on YouTube, not your favorite podcast phone app. Not. that there aren’t audio-only knitting podcasts, but you can see the appeal of actually being able to show off your creations in video format.

There are a ton of knitting podcasts on YouTube. Go over and type in “knitting podcast” and prepare to be instantly overwhelmed.

One thing that’s helped me feel connected during social isolation is that my knitting group, that usually meets monthly in person, is now meeting weekly over video chat. Another is knitting podcasts. I wanted to include a few of my favorites. I tend to prefer podcasts with a calm vibe, particularly with all the stress permitting our lives right now. Many knitting podcasts feature multiple hosts, but I have a strong preference for ones that have one host. Without further ado, the podcasts:

Unless otherwise noted, the images used here are taken from the podcast screenshots in YouTube and belong to the original creators.

A Wooden Nest

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Lindsay gives her podcast A Wooden Nest this dark, moody vibe that’s totally unique. She does natural dyeing and likes to knit with rustic fibers, which isn’t what I usually do, but it’s fun to see what else is out there. The only downside is that she only updates every month or so, but that would make it easier to binge-watch all her episodes if you’re so inclined.

The Crimson Stitchery

The Crimson Stitchery with Anushka is unique and refreshing because she emphasizes using budget-friendly yarns and talks about other ways to save some money like mending clothes and reusing things around the house. I love seeing the colors she uses, too: like bright pink and a recent multi-color crocheted top. I also love getting her inspiring and not at all spammy newsletter in my inbox every month.

Driftless Knitting

Fellow midwesterner Jennifer hosts Driftless Knitting. Jennifer designs patterns and works at Knit Circus (I’ll be buying all their gradient yarn if I ever win the lottery). I’ve knit her Show Some Love shawl, which I highly recommend if you’re looking for a shawl pattern that’s quick to knit and easy to wear.

Fiber for the People

This podcast inspired me to want to dye yarn. Through the podcast archives, Tayler documents her journey from dyeing her first skein of yarn to developing her hand dyed yarn company, Fiber For the People Yarn. (And there’s lots of knitting, too.) Tayler took a break from podcasting for a while, and some things have been renamed, but it’s all very worth watching. I think Tayler used to do video editing, or maybe I’m making that up because her videos are so fun and professional while she’s so down to earth.

The Green Bean Podcast

I love Katie’s podcast because not only does she knit, she also does illustrations as part of her podcast. Plus, she has an adorable Jack Russel terrier named Jack and the episodes include footage of the two of them hiking. She also covers sewing in the podcast, and even though I don’t sew myself, I love seeing the fabric she picks. Lots of animal prints–she even started designing her own fabric for a bathing suit with newts on it!

Hey BrownBerry

Marce creates the lovely podcast Hey BrownBerry. The podcast is chill and relaxing, but also makes you think and feel inspired. I’ve been watching for a while and learned she often teaches classes at knitting festivals and similar events and I’d love to attend one someday. She also does natural yarn dyeing and writes patterns like this Pebbles & Pathwways sock pattern I’d love to knit.

The Quiet Corner

The Quiet Corner is a new podcast I discovered recently. In fact, there are only four episodes so far. Vanessa hosts the most soothing podcast, and it makes me want to curl up in a chair by her fireplace and knit for an hour. Plus, she has a bunny. So cute!

Quirky Monday

Caleisha is the knitting (excuse me, crafting–it’s the Quirky Monday Craftcast) podcaster I’d most want to be friends with. Her podcast often makes me laugh, and she just seems like the sort of person it would be fun to knit with. Like me, she’s very into cool colors (blue, green, purple). Her crochet projects make me want to actually learn how to crochet. (I know, I keep saying that. Someday.) Caleisha often podcasts outside and has two adorable dogs who like to join the show.


If you’ve heard of podcasts, you’ve probably heard of Kristin’s Voolenvine (formerly known as Yarngasm). She’s been podcasting forever, and you can tell from the quality of her videos. She does knitting, yarn dyeing, and sewing and somehow manages to fit it in episodes that are usually less than 30 minutes. She does very unique things I’d never do, like make a corset, but it’s very fun to see her progress.

Featured Image by Jakob Owens on Unsplash.