Other People Making Things, & The Dog That Would Eat a Sweater

I wanted to write something, but I haven’t finished anything or started anything new, so instead I thought I’d share a few things I’ve found online. Despite being stuck at home, I’ve been busy with work and childcare. Sadly, the weather hasn’t allowed for as much playing outside as I would like. For example, here’s what my backyard looked like on Monday:


My available time for knitting has shrunk, and my desire to knit is often impended by a state of dread feelings of doom about the state of the world. Thankfully, other people are still out there creating beautiful things.

Dana of Yards of Happiness has a lovely column on Mason Dixon Knitting about What to Knit During a Pandemic and I love these ideas! I do need to make my dog a sweater before next winter. Poor girl has short fur and does not enjoy the cold. (Downside: she’s about 40 pounds which will require a fairly large sweater. I know we should have gotten a smaller dog.)

It seemed unfair to write about my dog without posting a photo. This is Maebel. There’s a large chance she would eat a sweater.

If you don’t have a dog (or know of another knit-worthy dog), Dana also suggests the Painting Bricks Shawl by Stephen West. I love her FO even more than the pattern sample. It’s just a big, bright rainbow of happiness.

Just looking at it makes me happy! Photo via MDK and Dana Williams-Johnson.

Cassy of Knit the Hell Out is working on summer knitting with STRIPES! I love stripes. Her WIP is so summery. This is also a reminder that I should get my cotlin top out of hibernation and maybe actually finish it before the summer.

Creamsickle colors! Photo via Cassy Dominick.

Flax & Twine is offering a video course on weaving these super stylish throw pillows.

No loom required! Photo via Anne.

If I had more money and time, I’d definitely want to do this. Instead, I’m adding it here to save for later–and in case someone reading this is looking for something new to try. You get to use jumbo yarn!

Okay, now I’m feeling inspired again! Maybe I’ll actually finish this hat, or bust out the printmaking kit I got for Christmas. Thanks to all the many makers on the internet keeping the inspiration flowing.