WIP Wednesday, March 25

I thought I’d give WIP Wednesday a try. (This will not be a weekly thing; I don’t knit fast enough or have enough time to write where that would make sense.) Although I technically have 4 projects on the needles, one is in deep, deep hibernation and the other is in mild hibernation (I plan to pick it back up when I finish one of the projects here).

Kid’s Sockhead

My kid’s Sockhead went through a bit of a setback this week. I grabbed it from the yarn bowl to start knitting and saw that the project was completely off the needles. Yikes! I was able to get it back on, but I did loose about an inch of progress, and it took me the rest of the day to catch back up. I’m almost at the point where I can switch needles for the body. Then I’ll be able to cast on the sock I wrote about the other day.

Diamond Baby Blanket

Bag is from Sweet Sparrow Yarns

This blanket is for a baby due in July, so I have some time to finish. I thought cotton would be best for a summer baby blanket, and I picked out this pattern from We Are Knitters during their Black Friday sale. This cotton (“The Cotton“) yarn is scrumptious. The cotton yarns I’ve knit with previously (Sugar and Cream and KnitPick’s CotLin, which is a cotton/linen blend) both had problems where little bits of fiber got on my fingers while knitting. The Cotton doesn’t do that. The Cotton has a very high twist which prevents it from wanting to untwist the way Sugar and Cream and Cotlin do. I never want to knit with another cotton yarn again. (I have some KnitPicks Dishie cotton yarn as part of a crochet kit I bought a while back, but that’s crochet).

Benny the Sheep (Embroidery)

I started this embroidery project several months ago when my wrist hurt from knitting, and I seem to only pick it up whenever I have wrist pain and want to keep making things. I’m not a complete beginner embroiderer, but it’s been a while. Maybe a project that’s nearly entirely made up of french knots was not the best idea. My knots are uneven and I have to re-teach myself how to make them whenever I pick up the project, but I think it will look cute when it’s finally done.

Benny was purchased from the Never Not Knitting shop. It’s no longer in stock there, but they always have an excellent curated collection of things.

Etsy is overflowing with adorable embroidery patterns and I’d love to pick up another one, but I’m not going to let myself until this one’s finished.