Making Plans when Plans Go Awry

We’re all stuck at home. You probably are, too. In case you’re reading this from the future, we’re keeping ourselves inside to protect ourselves and others from the COVID-19 virus. It sounds like a dream for an introvert, right? Staying inside all the time?

I had plans, though. My husband and son planned to take off for about a week and a half, leaving me with our critters. During this time, I’d planned to do some re-organization of our living area. This plan needs to happen when my son’s not in the house so he doesn’t get mad when I move half his toys, the ones he rarely plays with, to his bedroom.

Because I work from home and my husband is a Stay-At-Home-Dad, our daily lives haven’t changed much. We’re very fortunate. But every new announcement about the spread of the virus sends me burrowing deeper into my blankets and reading the fluffiest, most distracting books.

And I haven’t knit much.

When I loose my knitting mojo, there’s usually one thing that gets me back in the mood: planning new projects. Here’s what I’m hoping to make soon.

Vanilla Socks

The yarn above is from Fiber For the People’s “Bird in the Hand” sock club. I picked it out of my stash on a snowy day when I needed something bright and summery. I wound it up, but I can’t cast on yet because my size 1 needles are in use on my Sockhead hat. But once I finish the cuff, I can cast on the socks.

Find Your Fade Shawl

I keep talking about the Find Your Fade shawl by Andrea Mowry, which countless people have already knit. I’m going to use a gradient of my own hand-dyed yarn for the shawl, but I’ve decided I need just one more skein to round out the colors. I’ll need to dye that up. (It’s the only thing in my Ravelry queue right now.)

Baby Sweater

I want to make a baby sweater using DK weight yarn that I’ll dye myself. I already have a vision for the color (something with bright green speckles) but the yarn isn’t here yet. I’m hoping with the virus it will come soon, but I also don’t want anyone risking themselves and others just to get some yarn to me. I don’t know what pattern I will use yet for the sweater. Something fairly simple that will show off the yarn.

My love to all of you: I hope you’re all doing well during this difficult time.