Finished Object: Ice and Fire Socks

I was a big Game of Thrones fan, so when Knit Picks released their Felici striped socks in “Beyond the Wall” I grabbed some up. I thought I could knit them while watching the final season of the show. I dyed up some reddish-orange sock yarn for the heels and toes and decided to call them my Ice and Fire Socks, from the name of the of the book series by George R R Martin that the show is based off from.

(Let’s just say the show was over long before I finished.)

This was my first pair of vanilla socks knit from fingering (also known as sock weight) yarn. I also learned magic loop for the project. I prefer it so much to DPNs that I now hold magic loop with the same sort of esteem I keep for other small things that make my life easier. My $15 rice maker, for example, is also on this list.

I used KnitPick’s Socks for Everybody book to figure out how to size the sock and how many stitches to cast on. After starting top-down and working several rounds I realized they were going to be way too loose on my chicken ankles, so I frogged and started over with a lot fewer stitches. I’m a fairly loose knitter and knit them on Addi Turbo size 2 needles. I plan to knit my next pair on smaller needles to get a tighter fabric.

Something was off with the striping of my yarn–one skein had two shorter stripes and started the striping repeat over at this point. I put the heel between the shorter stripes on that sock. The socks match up to the heel and then stop matching. I don’t really mind: I actually think the heel looks better between the short strips than in the middle of the thicker stripe.

You can see the short stripes around the heel of the top sock!

For the heel I knit a true afterthought Fish Lips Kiss Heel. Here’s the tutorial video I watched for the true afterthought portion. Cutting into my knitting was scary, but it worked great! I’m not opposed to knitting heels in other methods, but this will probably be my go-to heel technique, particularly if I’m using a contrasting color.

New skills learned:

  • Magic loop!
  • Fish lips kiss heel
  • Afterthought heel (cutting into your knit yarn!)

Socks are the perfect take anywhere knitting and I already picked out some yarn for my next pair!