Casting On a Sockhead for a Kid

A few months ago I dyed some yarn, and one was a complete unplanned experiment. It turned out a deep, moody blue with coppery orange and bits of lavender. I loved it, and so did my three-year-old son.

After making my dad a hat for Christmas, my son said he wanted a hat, too. I remembered how much he loved the blue and orange skein. The skein was fingering merino singles (my favorite base to dye) and I decided a blend with some nylon would be best for a hat for a small child. I had some 75/25 merino/nylon fingering and decided that would work for a Sockhead Slouch Hat (a pattern by Kelly McClure).

I checked my notes to see what I’d done to create this color.

I’d forgotten to take notes. All I had was the one skein and vague memories of what I put in the dye pot a few months ago. I got out my dye supplies and the yarn and did my best to recreate the color. I was quite proud of the similarity of the result–and this time, I took notes.

I showed my son the yarn and told him it was going to be a hat for him, and he was very excited. We recently checked out Hats Are Not for Cats from the library, and he ran around reciting parts of the book.

He “helped” me cake up the yarn and I knit a swatch. (See the swatch on Instagram–I gave it to my kid as a cuff.) Then I cast on.

Sharkie Approves

I’m knitting it on magic loop on size 1 and 2 Addi Turbo needles, which is smaller than called for because my gauge was off. (My knitting tends to be loose.)

This project doesn’t check off any new skill boxes for me, but it’s my first fingering weight hat and my first time knitting a hat on magic loop. I’m looking forward to not having to switch to DPNs during the decrease.

I’m loving how the yarn is knitting up and we’re both excited about the finished hat!