Dream Knits

Someday. I’ll knit these someday.

I have a Ravelry bundle called Dream Knits. It’s full of patterns that look absolutely amazing and I want to knit them, but I do not have the skills for them, yet. Some of them, like Georgetown, seem like patterns I’ll actually be able to knit someday. But some may remain dreams much longer. Every once in a while I look at my Dream Knits bundle and it inspires me to keep going with my knitting because someday I will be able to create these lovely things. Here are a few of the more complicated pieces.

Forest Foliage by Alana Dakos

Image Via Alana Dakos

Alana Dakos used to have an audio podcast called Never Not Knitting which was the knitting podcast I listened to first. She no longer podcasts, but she still has a lovely blog I read regularly, a collection of lovely patterns and books, and an adorable boutique online shop. I’ve purchased from her shop before and I would do it again–I want all the things.

My favorite pattern of hers is this delicate lacy shawl Forest Foliage, from her Botanical Knits 2 book (also available as a single pattern on Ravelry). While technically I may have the skills to knit this (I’ve done shawls and lace) I have not done lace this complex and I can imagine myself frustrated with a pile of tangled yarn in front of me that is supposed to, but is definitely not, a shawl. Perhaps what I need to knit this is just more confidence.

Ixchel by Catherine Clark

Photo Copyright Amy Gwatkin

I remember first seeing the photo above popping up on a video podcast (I don’t remember which one) and realizing how much I wanted to knit it, but probably not for another decade. Skills I need to learn first are colorwork (hopefully happening in 2020) and adult-sized sweaters. I could knit a child-size one, I suppose, but I feel selfish about this pattern. I want it for me.

The pattern is called Ixchel and it’s by Catherine Clark. I don’t know much about her, but I have been to her store Brooklyn General where I ogled the yarn she sells. Perhaps she was in the store that day and I didn’t even know it! The pattern is from Pom Pom Quarterly Issue 26, or can be purchased individually on Ravelry.

Sprouting Brioche Blanket by Lavanya Patricella

Photo Copyright Lavanya Patricella

I think I found this pattern when browsing difficult patterns on Raverly (don’t ask me why I like to do that) and it jumped out at me for being completely unique. Have you ever seen anything else like this? The Sprouting Brioche Blanket is supposed to be a baby blanket. Babies are great and all, but this just feels to special to give to someone who spits up their food on a regular basis. Maybe it could be used on the back of a sofa or displayed in a locked glass case where no one can touch it. That might be a better idea.

I’m not sure I’ll ever knit this one. Brioche isn’t at the top of my “knitting skills to learn” list, and this doesn’t even look like the easiest brioche. Still, it’s gorgeous. So are all the other patterns Lavanya Patricella designs. She’s amazingly talented, and you should follow her on Instagram.

Do you like to admire patterns and designs of projects you don’t have the skills for yet? If so, I’d love to see what you’re eyeing.